Saturday, August 18, 2012


Well hi there, 
I see that you stumbled upon my blog so welcome. Oh, sorry, how rude of me.  I should probably introduce myself.  I am Joe from Slovakia. You`ve heard of it? That`s awesome. I didn`t expect that. Yea, good guess, I am a student. I study in lovely Scotland in a city called Dundee. Actually, no, not at University of Dundee.  I study at University of Abertay. ...
 (There is going to be a music video at the beginning of every post so you can listen to it while reading. It might be related to the post or just something that I have heard recently)

Okay, let`s cut that fake conversation off and let`s get to the business. 
Why am I creating a blog?
            There are couple of reasons why I want to do this. However, there is a clear winner among them. I want to publish some of my goals and deadlines so I would have a bigger drive to achieve them and blogs are perfect for that. Hand-in-hand with that comes self-reflection. If I write stuff down, it will be pretty damn hard to bullshit myself why something did not work out quite as well as I wanted it to. Also, it is easier to analyze stuff this way afterwards. Also, I would like to note down my experience of studying abroad and challenges it might bring and hopefully even inspire some random reader to follow his dream (that might be living and studying abroad as well). Another thing that let me to create this blog was the fact that I need to practise my typing skill as I make a lot of typos when I am typing fast.

That is all nice but what can you actually expect to see here?
             I am gonna be flexible and adapt to potential demands but at the beginning I will try to give away some tips that might help you to settle in. After Freshers, I will post some of my goals and initial plans on reaching it. I might even post some trip and/or party reports with some random rambling in between. I am open to new ideas though. If you find a blog post that you find interesting and you would want me to elaborate on a topic discussed there, leave a comment or contact me. Your comments and input is appreciated.

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